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As a foundation, we have a long history of caring for people providing exceptional integrated clinical, educational, and community-based supports for children and adults with disabilities and significant life challenges.

 Our professional staff share our passion for helping others. In Seven Hills we create and promote the empowering in people. SEE the possibilities, BELIEVE in themselves, and ACHIEVE their dreams.

We have endless opportunities for professional grow

Are you seeking a rewarding career? Do you want to learn and grow? Do you need to create opportunities and a better life for others? Be part of our team, we can work together and improve other people’s lives, submit your application.

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What we are offering

We pride ourselves on being an employer of choice. As such, Seven Hills offers a generous benefits package to meet our employees’ individual and family needs. Our benefits* include comprehensive Medical and Dental Plans.

  • Compensation will vary from $17.50hr to $20hr for entry-level positions (depending on affiliate, education, and experience).
  • Tuition Reimbursement/Remission
  • In some programs, we now offer no-limit free housing (reach out for more info).

(*) Benefits may vary based on work status/hours of work.


  • High school diploma with 5+ years of work experience
  • Associates degree
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Active driver’s license
  • Able to speak English
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The Road from Puerto Rico to Seven Hills

The Road from Puerto Rico to Seven Hills Leads to a Gratifying Teaching Career. Andres Jones, Special Education Teacher at Stetson School is teaching academics and how to become a good human being, a gratifying accomplishment. He and fellow teacher Calvin Rega share their love of their work at Stetson School and the impact their career decisions are having on children’s lives. “Me being here to kelp these kids achieve their goals is pretty amazing.” said Calvin.

The Journey to
Seven Hills

Taking a leap of faith, Jean Witter left his native Puerto Rico to come to Massachusetts to make a new life with his wife and a new career with Seven Hills. Starting as a Direct Support Professional working at Stetson School, Jean quickly rose through a career path and is now recruiting fellow staff members as a member of the Human Resources team. He credits Seven Hills for making his transition and professional trajectory a positive experience.

Supporting Homes, Where People Thrive

If you have a love for people, if you want fulfillment out of the work you do, and if you want to leave your workplace and feel good on the way home, then those are three great reasons to work with Seven Hills Foundation, said Felicia Agbanyo, Residence Director at Seven Hills Community Services. Learn how we support individuals in community based residences and make true homes where people thrive.